Friday, June 5, 2009

World Environment Day

June 5th is UN World Environment Day and this year's theme is "Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change".

Today is also the premiere of the documentary movie "Home" which is available to watch on youtube until June 14th. Great photography and environmental message!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Loss of an Icon

Thomas Berry

Born: Nov. 9, 1914

Died: June 1, 2009

Thomas Berry was a Catholic priest of the Passionist order, cultural historian and ecotheologian (although cosmologist and geologian — or “Earth scholar” — were his preferred descriptors).
He believed the earth crisis was fundamentally a spiritual crisis.

A few Thomas Berry quotes ...
"The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects."

“Gardening is an active participation in the deepest mysteries of the universe.”

"We lose our souls if we lose the experience of the forest, the butterflies, the song of the birds, if we can't see the stars at night."

"Even as regards Earth we are more committed to history than to geography, more committed to time than to space. History is endless. Place is limited."

"We are talking only to ourselves. We are not talking to the rivers, we are not listening to the wind and stars. We have broken the great conversation. By breaking that conversation we have shattered the universe. All the disasters that are happening now are a consequence of that spiritual 'autism.' "

"The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence."

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Date with the Planet

On World Environment Day, June 5th, a new movie called "Home" will be released worldwide free of charge on every format: movie theaters, TV, DVD, and Internet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Last Sunday our church celebrated Earth Day with a theme of "Celebrating and Caring for God's Creation". The 5th grade Sunday School class prepared a Powerpoint presentation about the environmental impact of plastic bags.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth Hour

Give the Earth an hour of rest.

Turn your lights off for an hour Saturday, March 28th at 8:30 pm to show your support for action on climate change.

Go to for more information.

Friday, March 20, 2009

World Water Day 2009

World Water Day is celebrated on March 22. This year's theme is Shared Water - Shared Opportunities and focuses on transboundary waters.

Nearly 40 % of the world's population lives in river and lake basins shared by two or more countries. The world's 263 transboundary basins include the territory of 145 countries and cover nearly half of the Earth's land surface.

Whether we live upstream or downstream, we are all in the same boat.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Caring for Creation Conference

I attended the fourth annual Caring for Creation conference at Lake Junaluska, NC last weekend. This conference continues to grow each year and we had a 20% increase in participation this year.

Eight people from South Carolina attended but they only represented three churches. There is still more work to be done in spreading the word to South Carolina churches. That is going to be one of my missions this year.

Plenary speakers included Matthew Sleeth, author of Serve God, Save the Planet, Dr. Norman Wirzba, professor of Theology, Ecology and Rural Life at the Duke Divinity School, and Dr. Michael Battle, President of the Interdenominational Theological Center and chair of the Sustainable Atlanta Committee.

In an evaluation meeting after the conference the overall feeling of the leadership team was this year's conference was a success. Planning was begun to make next year even better.